yard with outdoor rooms, gravel patio with black eyed susans, diamond frost euphorbia, yucca, aechmea
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Sunny Gravel Courtyard Ready for Guests

Andrew's favorite spot stands opposite this border. The summerhouse, a former garage, provides a screened-in, mosquito-free space for entertaining and has lovely views of the garden. Its courtyard provides room for a sunny gravel garden where he can display a variety of plants that appreciate quick drainage, including Schubert onion, with its huge globular flowers, and Mexican white oak and California evergreen oak, which Andrew prunes to keep stout and shrubby. Behind the summerhouse sits an enclosed kitchen garden, where Andrew grows herbs in the center and, in the four surrounding square beds, alternates between flowers for cutting and vegetables.

Shown: A gravel patio encircled by sun-loving plants, including black-eyed Susans, white-flowering 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia, spiky yucca, and a fading aechmea, greets anyone who enters the summerhouse.
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