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Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Bright Ideas

A gap in the patio's hedge opens onto a lawn. A long border that runs the property's length harbors trees and shrubs, including a clipped hedge of upright 'Frans Fontaine' European hornbeam and two Koehne hollies sheared into 7-foot pyramids. Beneath these specimens grows a mix of partially shaded perennials, including 'All Gold' Japanese forest grass and 'Caramel' heuchera, which flaunts copper-colored leaves. As in other areas of the garden, Andrew has been careful not to fill this border with too many permanent plants. "I use a lot of bold, colorful tropical plants in warm weather—castor beans, cannas, bananas, taro, and others," he says. "I have to leave voids so there's room for them." Some of these tender plants he buys new every year; others, such as the bananas and cannas, he digs up and places in containers in fall, stores in his basement through their winter dormancy, and brings out and replants once the soil warms up.

Shown: Homeowner and horticulturist Andrew Bunting grows an enticing array of plants in his Pennsylvania garden.
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