yard with outdoor rooms, bluestone patio with bench, container plants, stone wall, old barrel
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Admirable Plant Forms

Visitors usually enter the garden from the driveway, which is now mostly lawn. Walking to the backyard, they find a bluestone patio surrounded by a clipped hedge of 'Steeds' Japanese holly. This intimate seating area has a revolving color scheme, determined each year by Andrew's numerous container plantings, which, as he likes to say, "give a high return for the real estate." His pots, overflowing with annuals and tropicals, are quick to mature, and they look good from June until frost. "I can group them to create vignettes, use them to frame a focal point, or move them to different parts of the garden," he says. And if a display doesn't perform as expected, it can be removed with far less angst than ripping out a failing in-ground plant.

Shown: Containers line the edges of the main house's back patio, with some raised to eye level atop the stone wall and on an old barrel to make the plant forms easier to admire.
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