yard with outdoor rooms, bluestone patio with bench, container plants, stone wall, arbor
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Distinct Outdoor Rooms

Although each space is distinct, Andrew has tied them together by using some of the same key plants throughout the garden. In addition to six 'Yoshino' Japanese cedars, he relies on boxwoods and yews, which he prunes into spheres and columns to provide lively structure year-round. The result is a series of repeating sculptural elements that draws the eye from room to room.

Giving precedence to plants with off-season interest helps Andrew make the most of every square inch of his property—and rein in his collecting instincts even more. He favors plants with evergreen leaves, textural bark, colorful fruit, and winter blooms. One such four-season plant is bloodtwig dogwood, which he planted outside his kitchen window so that in winter he could admire its bare orange stems from indoors. Another is pale spicebush. From spring through summer, this shrub provides a glossy green backdrop and then, just as most of the garden starts dying down, comes through with showstopping pumpkin-orange foliage in fall that fades to muted tan in winter.
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