whole house remodel cape cod old restaurant industrial style kitchen
Photo: Eric Roth
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Kitchen Addition

Upgrading the kitchen was problematic, says Kevin

"It needed to be brought back in time but still remain a usable, modern kitchen," he says. "It just didn't need to be a commercial kitchen without a soul." So as a nod to the room's previous use, he installed commercial-grade stainless-steel appliances and fittings but cleverly hid new electrical lines and heating pipes in the moldings and turned the old walk-in refrigerator into a china cupboard. He then created unique ceiling lighting. "I had collected fixtures as we were shopping for the house," he says. "Some were complete, some were just pieces. Then I rewired them all and put them together with some reproduction cloth-wrapped electrical cord I found. I had Mark install a large square of outlet strips on the ceiling and then created a modern installation made out of old parts."

Shown: The kitchen occupies what is essentially a shed appended to the house when it was turned into a restaurant in the 1960s.

Stools: wisteria.com
Dishwasher drawers: fisherpaykel.com
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