whole house remodel cape cod old restaurant house study with portraits on wall
Photo: Eric Roth
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Scene Setters

"Some of them were actually built from the timbers of old sailing vessels, and are as tight as ships," Bonfini says. "Some were even floated to their current sites. When you work under one of these houses, it's like an archaeological dig. You never know what you're going to find." As for Martin House, he says, "the place had been gutted in the 1970s, and it looked like they tore off the outer layer of the chimney and never replaced it." Bonfini wrapped what was there in a jacket of salvaged brick that preserves the historic construction underneath.

Kevin and David wanted to respect the history of the home, but they also wanted a place that they could live in comfortably. "We wanted to create a sense of evolution over the years, not a frozen moment in time, so that Victorian and even modern elements wouldn't seem out of place," Kevin says. "I did want everything to have some age to it, some wear, and both the construction and the decor follow that principle."

Shown: A trio of portraits in oval frames hangs in a corner of the study.
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