whole house remodel cape cod old restaurant house dining room with portholes in swinging doors
Photo: Eric Roth
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Restaurant Leftover Doors

Among the challenges of the renovation were the ancient chimneys. There are two in the house, including a rare one in the original building that vents three fireplaces. Behind their brick mass is a "snug harbor," a space big enough for several people, that has an opening opposite the original front entry. Apparently it was used by early settlers to warm up quickly after braving the icy Atlantic winters, but it is also rumored to have been used to hide escaped slaves before the Civil War.

Fortunately, the snug harbor was in good shape, but the chimney in the 1790 addition, which had one of two period beehive ovens, was another matter, and Kevin was told that it ought to be demolished. Unwilling to let the piece of history go, he turned to mason Galileo Bonfini, who had moved to the area as a boy and knows as much as anyone about Provincetown's oldest houses.

Shown: The dining room is used mainly for dinner parties. The portholes in the swinging doors are left over from the home's restaurant days.

Dining chairs: ashlen.com
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