whole house remodel cape cod old restaurant house dining room mantel with staffordshire pottery, windsor chairs around table.
Photo: Eric Roth
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Cohesive Design for Comfort

The project would be what Kevin now calls "an additive renovation," meaning that walls would not be torn down but put up. "I'm not really fond of open-plan living," he says. "I like the enclosure of rooms, the comfort and intimacy." Previous owners had gutted the second floor, removing the bedrooms to create open dining space. Three bedrooms would go back in, along with two new baths. The kitchen, which Kevin describes as "a bleak industrial space," would have to be brought into some kind of harmony with the older areas of the house. Parts of the place needed minimal work, others required significant repair and restoration, and it all had to add up to a cohesive whole.

Shown: The dining room mantel and the wall above it hold a collection of blue-and-white pottery from Staffordshire, England, a tribute to where homeowner David Bowd grew up. Handmade Windsor chairs in various styles are united by a coat of off-white paint.
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