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Photo: Casey Dunn
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7. Stained-Glass "Skylight"

The inspiration: Craftsman-era decorative motifs
The project: The owners of this one-story house, in West Lake Hills, Texas, asked architects Stewart Davis and Marsha Topham to incorporate Craftsman-style details and materials into their new master suite. To bring light and character to a windowless dressing area with a drop ceiling, the team designed a 4-foot-high light box that takes Tiffany-style lamps to a new level. Built with a hinged stained-glass panel by California glassmaker Jeff Balazs, the box rises into the attic and is lit by a single LED bulb. "You need the bulb to be back far enough to not have a hot spot," says Topham. "Distance also allows the light to fill the space and evenly illuminate what amounts to an art object."
The payoff: Form, function, and artwork, together at last
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