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Care and Planting Tips

More is better.

You'll get faster coverage by planting small plants and spacing them close together than from larger, mature plants that are widely spaced. Plus, if a few plants die, a dense planting means others are nearby to fill in.

Coddle the young.
Even the hardiest groundcovers need help in the beginning. If the weather is dry, water frequently—1 inch a week.

Patrol for weeds.
While your plants are still getting established, check them frequently and pull out any weeds. Use a dandelion weeder to get the whole root. Don't rely on weed cloth; it's not always effective.

Keep rodents away.
Where rats and mice are a problem, opt for deciduous, nonvining varieties. Many types of evergreen ivy, for instance, provide a thick blanket of year-round cover—ideal for nesting—and can even serve as a ladder into nearby trees.
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