secret garden on urban plot window box with salvaged metal ornament, calbrachoas, Japanese maple, hosta in container
Photo: Dale Horchner
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Patina All Around

For a gardener who started out on a mission to create private space, one of the biggest surprises was the way gardening opened up a whole new set of friendships. Holly had an artist friend ask if she could set up an easel and paint in the garden. "More came on her heels, and now an entire group of artists paints in my garden every year," she says. "As a result, I am now an art collector. And through being on garden tours and taking gardening classes, I have made new friends of fellow gardening enthusiasts."

Shown: A window box planted with orange and purple calibrachoas got a style boost with a metal ornament repurposed from a broken coatrack. Its rusty patina echoes the foliage of a nearby Japanese maple. An old pail is also put to use as a container for a variegated hosta.
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