secret garden on urban plot potting bench with potting plants display
Photo: Dale Horchner
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No Fighting Nature

Among the other lessons Holly has learned is not to fight nature. "We are both happier for it," she says. "If a tree wants to lean a certain way or a plant moves to a new location or won't leave a location that I don't want it in, or even if it dies, then that's fine with me." She no longer buys grafted roses, having discovered that roses growing on their own root stock recover better after harsh winters. She does, however, try to group some colors together. "That tendency probably comes from me sorting my marble collection by colors as a kid."

Shown: Holly amassed old clay pots before she realized how fast plants dry out in small containers. So now she displays them mostly as decoration on an old potting bench she cobbled together from odds and ends she found in her garage.
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