secret garden on urban plot garden bed with zinnia, sage, brick walkway, bench and container plants
Photo: Dale Horchner
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Lawn to Street Plant Fillers

There is still a bit of lawn visible from the street, but it isn't the old thirsty kind. To separate the xeriscape beds, Holly planted strips of Bella bluegrass, a dark blue-green grass adapted to Denver's climate that grows only 4 inches tall, so it almost never needs mowing. "Finally, after getting rid of most of my lawn and replanting what remained with the Bella bluegrass, I could let my lawn service go!" she says happily.

Shown: Orange and scarlet zinnias and purplish sage help fill one of the beds at the far end of the property, which is separated from the street and sidewalk by an arbor covered with clematis and roses. The thickly planted beds don't require much weeding, as they leave little room for interlopers. Holly loves to sit on the bench at the back to enjoy the view and listen in as passersby comment on her garden.
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