secret garden on urban plot beer garden with hops vine, arched doorway and lattice and brick wall
Photo: Dale Horchner
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Secluded Beer Garden

After the wedding, she did just that, toward the front of the house. But there was more. Because her husband (now ex) was interested in home brewing, she created a little beer garden off the back alley, next to the driveway, with a bar and table seating and a vigorous hops vine that softens the walls and surrounding arbors. In the side yard, next to a fence she shares with her neighbor, she squeezed in a secret spot to take an outdoor shower. Directly opposite the breezeway, she added a pergola with a corrugated plastic roof and installed a daybed in the sheltered space underneath. "My dad teases me that I just need an outhouse, and I could live out here," Holly says, referring to all the amenities she's put in place.

Shown: A beer garden with a lush hops vine is tucked between the narrow alley and the garage. Holly set the door at an angle to allow easy turning into the driveway. The vine's flowers exude a heady scent in midsummer. Porthole openings in the arched door were made with timbers salvaged from an old garage.
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