secret garden on urban plot homeowner and mother with dog
Photo: Dale Horchner
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Help from a Mother's Green Thumb

At first, Holly's main goal was just to create a little privacy and an outdoor dining area. She installed brick paving along one side of the house and at the back, and built a roof over one end so that she could put a table and chairs underneath. Her next project was the picket fence alongside one sidewalk. Then she decided to have her upcoming wedding in her garden. But the leftover lawn and vegetable gardens of the previous owners didn't quite suffice for a lovely outdoor ceremony. So Holly's mother, Sandy, came to help put in a large perennial garden with a brick path at the rear of the side yard closest to the street.

Shown: Holly and her mother and gardening partner, Sandy Fliniau, relax on the daybed along with Holly's Bernese mountain dog, Sophie.
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