2 styles of laundry bin
Photo: Andrew McCaul

Hardworking Laundry Bins

A big step up from the standard-issue plastic basket, commercial-quality clothes bins feature sturdy metal frames and durable fabric liners. Some hark back to 19th-century French laundries, while others borrow their designs from carts used in modern-day boutique hotels. Yet all look tidy and timeless at home. The simplest versions hold a load or two and have handles or removable bags for toting the wash up and down stairs. The most elaborate include supply shelves, crossbars for hanging shirts, even an ironing board or a folding table. Choose a bin with wheels if your laundry room is on the same floor as beds and baths or you need to scoot clean clothes from the dryer to a folding or ironing area across the room. No matter your setup, you'll find a storage solution here to streamline your routine.
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