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6. Add Divided Lights to Single-Pane Windows

To give new single-pane windows an air of old-house authenticity, make your own wood grilles for the look of traditional divided lights. Fashion the grilles using square or rectangular stock that's the same thickness as the inside edge of the sash frame. This will ensure that the grille is flush with the frame once it's secured to the glass. If creating a two-over-two design, such as the one shown at left, simply cut a length of stock to the height of each sash and apply it to the glass at the midpoint using heavy-duty reclosable fasteners (clear hook-and-loop tape) in just a few spots so that you can easily remove and reinstall the grilles when cleaning the window glass. For a four-over-four or six-over-six divided-light design, cut notches where the grille's horizontal and vertical lengths intersect so that they fit together like puzzle pieces and lie flat against the glass. Use wood glue to secure the joints, and adhere the grille to the window glass with the reclosable fasteners.

Cost: $10 to $25 per window, depending 
on the size and number of lights. Square or rectangular wood stock, about $2 per linear foot; at lumberyards. 3M Reclosable Fasteners, $3.49 for four; containerstore.com
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