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2. Hang a Handsome Screen Door

A simple screen can be a focal point when dressed up with ornamental trim. Instead of buying a custom decorative door, which can easily top $600, opt for a home-center version with an unadorned wood frame, and trim it out yourself with stock pieces from a woodworking-supply shop. To approximate the look of the screen door shown, add a gallery rail with a row of tiny spindles in the center. Position the rail on the face of the screen door, and use wood glue and finishing nails to fasten it to the inner ledge of the wood frame. Next, glue and nail eight carved corner brackets: four in the top section and four below. To unite the pieces, prime and paint with a couple of coats of exterior latex.

Cost: $195. Screen Tight T-Bar 36-inch Natural Wood Screen Door, $22; lowes.com. Screen Door Corner Brackets in poplar, $16 each, and 2¾-inch Spindle Gallery Rail in poplar, $45 for 4 feet; vintagewoodworks.com
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