bath and laundry after remodel
Floor Plan: Ian Warpole
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Floor Plan After: Lofty, Expanded Space

Gutting the spaces, getting rid of the utility and linen closets, moving one wall out 5 feet, bumping out farther for a second sink, and adding more windows paid off with improved function and a loftier feel.
1. Moved the existing windowed wall 5 feet to make way for a tub and a larger shower enclosure, and added a 1-by-4½-foot bumpout for a second vanity.
2. Added windows over the tub, inside the shower, and over the washer and dryer to bring in light and air.
3. Relocated the opening to the bedroom, separating the spaces with a pair of narrow sidelight doors.
4. Replaced the laundry area's swing-out door with a space-saving pocket door.
5. Rebuilt one wall and added cabinets with a built-in hamper and ironing board near the washer and dryer.
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