Picture-Frame Message Center

Mastermind: Stefanie Schiada, who started her blog brooklynlimestone.com to document the improvements she and her husband made to their once-dilapidated rowhouse, in Brooklyn, New York.
Inspiration: "I had a table in my hallway for dropping mail, but I wanted something on the wall above where I could hang recent invites and announcements."
How She Did It: Stefanie spray-painted three frames—a large gilded one and two small wood ones—she already had. She filled the openings with metal-mesh radiator grilles that she cut to size with snips, and adhered the grilles to the backs of the frames with epoxy. Bulldog clips held in place with magnets display invites.
What It Cost: $40 for a 3-by-3-foot radiator grille, white spray paint, clips, and magnets
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