Shipping-Pallet Headboard

Masterminds: Dustin and Whitney Barrington, who bought a tumbledown house in San Diego, California, and taught themselves how to fix it up. 
They show off their work at
Inspiration: "We wanted a floor-to-ceiling headboard to give our bedroom a loftier feel," says Dustin, "and we loved the idea of making it out of rustic 
and worn-looking wood from shipping pallets."
How They Did It: By putting in about 5 hours of actual work and 10 hours of stealth-hunting for the 15 pallets required to make the headboard. Before nailing the pallet boards to their bedroom wall, Whitney and Dustin whitewashed them with a mix of latex and water. The new finish highlights the wood's grain pattern and knots, and gives the disparate pieces a unified look.
What It Cost: $3.50 for nails; the pallets were free, and the paint was left over from another project
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