whole house remodel bungalow living room leaded-glass window
Photo: Alex Hayden
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Ease Between Spaces

The living room's alcove-like lounging area gained definition in two strokes. One involved rehanging the front door so that, when a visitor steps in, the alcove is behind the door, not in front of it. The other is a partition wall that encloses a desk and command center. Here, Stacy oversees torrents of paperwork that pool around the shared computer before coming to rest in more bins, drawers, and cupboards. A magnetic backsplash holds reminders.

The command center communicates directly with the kitchen, which now opens wide to the dining room. Clements finished this multipurpose space with a familiar-looking table, topped with bowling-alley wood, and a TV within eavesdropping distance of the cook.

Shown: The living room kept its original leaded-glass windows. Elsewhere, energy-efficient replacement windows help seal in new radiant floor heat.
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