kitchen after redo with white upper cabinets and gray base cabinets
Photo: Helen Norman

After: Graceful Canvas

A calm mien can belie a hardworking soul. The kitchen in Debra and Robert Curtis's Rockville, Maryland, house is so buttoned-down that a visitor might have a tough time finding the beer (it's in a fridge drawer), the microwave (in another drawer), or even the dishwasher (behind a false drawer). Before the redo, they were boxed into a confined space with crowded cabinets and countertops. "I wanted my kitchen to be a canvas," says Debra, one with colorful accessories set against a neutral backdrop. She also wanted to be able to make pizza without having to ransack cabinets looking for the grater.

Shown: Every spatula, spice, and small appliance has an assigned place in the enlarged kitchen, which also gained a graceful opening to the dining room.
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