Dress up a Plain Table: November's selection from A Year's Worth of Easy Upgrades gallery from this old house
Photo: Wendell T. Webber
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November: Dress up a Plain Table

Give an unadorned accent piece some permanent sparkle by bedecking it with nailhead detail. For this look, we chose 7⁄16-inch upholstery nails with a hammered nickel finish (about $1.30 for 20; homedepot.com). Use a pencil to measure and mark the spots where you'll be inserting the nails, or write on painter's tape if the table's finish is too dark to show the graphite; keep about ¼ inch between each nail. Drive the nails in place with a rubber mallet. If using tape, remove it after your first tap, before it's pinned in. Take a test drive in a hidden area. If you can't get a nail to go in straight because the wood is too hard, drill pilot holes about half as deep as the length of the nail.
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