Problem-Solving Ceiling Paints: May's selection from A Year's Worth of Easy Upgrades gallery from this old house
Photo: Courtesy of Behr
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May: Problem-Solving Ceiling Paints

Let's face it: Painting the so-called fifth wall can be a pain in the neck—literally. These new products won't do the job for you, but they'll make this task quicker, cleaner, and longer-lasting.

Drips less
The zero-VOC, low-spatter formula helps this paint cling well to the ceiling's surface, sparing you the indignity of dodging the drips as you're rolling on a fresh coat. Mythic's Classic, about $40;

Masks stains and mildew
The particles in this paint interlock more tightly than those in a traditional formula, so when dry (it takes a mere 30 minutes), it can resist water stains and mildew—two bugaboos of ceilings that suffer leak damage. Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Stain-Blocking Paint, about $30;

Covers in one coat
This no-primer-needed paint contains additives that help deliver a crisp, bright-white finish and a matte surface that disguises blemishes in just a single application. Sherwin-Williams's Brilliance, about $30;
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