Wood Brackets = Cabinet and Hood Supports

Robert Kelly, Piedmont, California
Cost: $60
How He Did It: Call us flattered: Architect Robert Kelly saw a photo of a bracket-supported range hood in a This Old House book on kitchens and decided to make something similar. To find the perfect profile, he sketched designs at full size on cardboard and taped them in place. The short brackets supporting the upper cabinets are 2 inches thick; to improve the proportions of the long ones flanking the range, he beefed them up to 6 inches thick. Then he used a jigsaw to cut them out of plywood and Douglas fir, again using cardboard templates. "These brackets take away the 'factory-built' look of upper cabinets that float on the wall," he says. White paint for the brackets and cabinets ties all the pieces together.
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