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Photo: Johnny Boucher/GAP Interiors

Palettes With Personality

White cabinets and safe wall colors? They're a no-brainer. Which is why all your neighbors have them. But with a little imagination and our paint-color know-how, you can mix it up in the kitchen to give it a whole new mood; just think about the feeling you're after, from warm and lively to calm and collected.

We like palettes with a strong personality. They stand up well to today's favored finishes, from stone and butcher-block countertops to stainless-steel appliances to gleaming honey-colored or ebonized floors. Got stained-wood cabinets that you just can't cover? Simply identify their predominant shade—yellow, orange, red, brown—and assemble your palette around it. Read on for color combos sure to turn any cook space into something special.
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