pellet stove in corner of the room
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How They Stack up Against Woodstoves

The biggest difference between a pellet stove and its main competitor, a woodstove, is that, inside, the pellet stove is a high-tech device with a circuit board, a thermostat, and fans—all of which work together to heat your space efficiently. Here are the other key differences between the two.

Sixty to 80 percent of fuel is converted to heat for your home.
Thirty to 80 percent (high end is for EPA-certified stoves made after 1990).

• High-quality pellets limit ashpan cleaning to once a week or less.
• Scrape the burn pot weekly to remove combustion residue and unburned pellets.
• Clean and inspect vents at the outset of heating season.
• Remove ash every one to three days.
• Clean the chimney and inspect the stove and the door gasket at outset of heating season.

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