diagram of pellet stove
Illustration: Joe McKendry
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Pellet Stoves: How They Work

Pellets are automatically fed from a storage hopper into a burn pot, creating a constant flame that needs no tending.

Heat-exchange tubes: Send air heated by fire into room.

Hopper: Stores pellets to be burned.

Convection fan: Circulates air through heat-exchange tubes and into room.

Burn pot: Holds pellets for combustion.

Auger: Feeds pellets from hopper to burn pot, where they are ignited.

Ashpan: Collects remains of unburned pellets.

Grille: Allows room air to be pulled in by convection fan.

Intake vent: Pulls outside air into burn pot.

Exhaust vent: Takes away combustion gases

Combustion fan: Pulls in outdoor air and exhausts gases.

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