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Duct-Tape Miracle

"My Mom was very involved in our Church music ministry and was often in charge of the Christmas program. One year, the person who was to provide a Christmas tree didn't come through. On the day before the program, Mom—in a moment of insanity—decided to use our fully decorated fake tree. It was sitting in our living room fully decorated and she thought it would be so easy to just wrap it up, take it to the church for a couple of days, and bring it home. She wrapped it with garbage bags, sealed it with duct tape, and the men of the church very carefully transported it to the church. Mom got a lot of compliments for it. The guys were not so careful bringing it home, though. The thing snapped about three quarters of the way up the fake trunk. Christmas was only days away and Mom did not have the money to replace the tree. Not to be defeated, she pulled out her duct tape. She re-attached the pieces, but it still leaned precariously. She then used red yarn to tie the tree to a drapery rod. If you ignored the yarn and the silver duct-tape spots along the trunk, it was as good as new. She kept that tree for years and each year tied it to the drapery rod with red yarn. I miss that tree."

Pam S.
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