fallen Christmas tree and guilty dog
Photo: Mode Images/Alamy
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Runaway Tree

"I was staying with my brother one year for Christmas and money was really tight. His family had very few ornaments for the tree, which was the scrawniest tree, but was all they could afford. My sister-in-law and I strung cranberries and popcorn to use as decorations. When we finished, we put them on the tree. We were standing there admiring our work, when my brother opened the front door. His dog had been sitting patiently outside the door, watching us make the edible decorations, and waiting for his chance to sample them. He ran to the tree, grabbed a string of popcorn, and then ran back out the front door—tree and all. We were all so stunned we just watched him leave. Had a great laugh about it then salvaged what was left of the tree."

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