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Moldy Mystery

"One December day 14 years ago, I was folding laundry from a basket on the dining room carpet when I noticed the floor under the carpet was strangely warm. My Dad came over to figure out what the heat source was, and that's when everything started going wrong. My dad and husband pulled the wall-to-wall carpet back and then got the brilliant idea to cut a hole in the antique hardwood floor. After an approximately 12-inch-by-12-inch hole was cut, the most amazing steam flow shot from the hole and hit the ceiling. We learned that the old steam radiator pipes were broken and that the steam was entering up the inside of the walls, forming mold throughout. Black mold. We moved everything out of the dining room and tore out the floor, the walls, and the ceiling and started to rebuild. We've been at it ever since. I'm ready for some peace of mind and a quiet holiday."

Cynthia C.
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