before of traditional kitchen remodel
Photo: Tria Giovan
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Too Sterile: Before

Enter architect Erica Broberg Smith, who quickly diagnosed the problem. "The ceiling was one long diagonal slope," she recalls. "It was too severe and too tall." So Broberg Smith kept the slope with the skylight but added a second one to create a false gable that peaks in the center of the room, yielding a sheltering effect. A soaring 16-foot range-hood duct highlights the room's new symmetry and injects a bit of drama, too. The relaxed setting, finished with vintage-look cabinets and a soft palette, is now Peggy's favorite place to entertain. "When you have a kitchen this beautiful, it motivates you to cook more," she says. "I've made some amazing meals here!"

Shown: White laminate cabinets and countertops had a sterile look.
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