Photoshop remodel of a two-story, Neo-Colonial house
Illustration: Howard Digital
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Crisp agrees that the house is on the bland side, though he says that Barbara is at a good starting point. "Distinction comes from detail, and that's all this home really needs to liven things up," he says. To make the house and entry feel inviting, he suggests building a long, low porch with a gable-topped, bumped-out landing area that steps down to the walkway. "Porches are a great way to improve the facade for a relatively modest investment," he says. The metal roof adds a tailored look and can stand up to the area's weather extremes. Classic old-house touches, such as an oculus window and a paneled entry door with sidelights, bring in dimension and texture.

Barbara embraces the idea of having a new outdoor space. "I was concerned that a porch would overwhelm the house," she says, "but this one feels just right."
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