Winner! Pumpkin Pickup

"My wife thinks its so funny to see the kid inside of me come out every time we leave a store and pass in front of a toy grabber arcade game. I always get the urge to reach in my pockets and drop a quarter in, but very rarely actually ever play.

"The main pumpkin (operator) is a regular large pumpkin with tree branch arms. Hanging by a chain the claw (grabber) is carved from a medium size pumpkin. And the ones in the box (prizes) are the smaller decorative pumpkins. The arcade game display built of wood, painted and then decorated with orange Halloween lights. This entire design and display was hand made and created by myself. The tools I used were small pear knives, a Logan Graphic knife, and mostly just a pocket style folding razor-blade knife."

Brian B.
Lake Charles, LA

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