TOH TV Cambridge House 2012 owners choosing an exterior color mustard color scheme
Photo: Anthony Tieuli; (paint dabs) Brian Henn/Time Inc. Digital Studio
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The Mustard Scheme

Of all the options Maycock presented, Sally was most taken with the mustard scheme, which was paired with cream-colored trim and black accents. Wanting to get a better sense of what it would look like in real life, Sally had the colors applied to a digital picture of her house, using photo-editing software. "That was a big help," she says. "It gave us a sense of the direction we wanted to go in."

The result? "I didn't like it," Sally says. "It looked, well, sickly. Mustard may have been popular back then, but I wanted something brighter." Since there are houses of similar design in the neighborhood, she and John hit the streets in search of inspiration for a color scheme that suited their tastes.

Shown: Sally and John both liked this palette of deep mustard, cream, and black, but wanted a yellow with a bit more pop. Benjamin Moore's Camel Back (1), Montgomery White (2), and Black (3)
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