open kitchen in cottage whole house remodel
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Weathered and Untouched

The hard part turned out to be opening up the thick exterior walls—in the back, to make way for the bedroom addition where a tiny room had been, and in the kitchen. During the demolition, Kim and Beveridge were pleasantly surprised to find that there was brick behind the drywall. Another bonus: the discovery of rafters and wood planks above the kitchen that had been hidden by an 8-foot-high dropped ceiling. Kim left the wood and the weathered brick wall behind the kitchen sink exposed because she loved their rustic look.

Shown: She gutted the original galley-style kitchen, and her contractor made sense of a remaining support post and beam by creating an arch that hovers above her farm table. The room's tumbled-travertine-marble floor, exposed brick wall, and wood ceiling make it feel like a special, separate space.
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