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Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Fit for Retirement: After

Kim, a federal agent specializing in sex crimes, was on duty at a nearby Georgia facility, training other agents. She was renting on St. Simons during her stay. "It was my last assignment before retiring," she says. "I still had my house and some furniture in Southern California." But she'd been captivated by the charms of the South.

"People here are so polite and so nice," she explains. In fact, they reminded her of the people she'd met in Sesto, Italy; she lived there while studying at the University of Florence and fell in love with the country's easy-going ways. After school, Kim would pursue a grueling and stressful career, but in Italy she learned the value of a slower kind of life. "It was like that in Georgia, too," she says. She could imagine settling down on St. Simons Island.
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