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Photo: Christiaan Blok
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Space-Saving Bunk Beds After: Personal Light

Who: Nikki and Caleb Grandy
Where: San Tan Valley, Ariz.

To separate the two sets of bunks and offer safe passage to the top level, Nikki and Caleb built an easy-to-climb staircase. They left the space under the stairs open to serve as a storage area for stuffed animals and a secret hangout for hide-and-seek. Four nautical sconces, just $12 each, are wired separately so that the boys can control their own lights. "My kids have 14 cousins on my side and 10 more on my husband's, who all live pretty close," says Nikki. "When those kids come over, they immediately head to the bunk-bed room."

Shown: Each bunk has its own toggle-switch sconce; hinged baseboards conceal toy storage and trundles for overnight guests.
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