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Photo: Eric Roth
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Inviting Living Room Makeover After: Tucked-Away TV

Who: Jessica Bruno
Where: Sutton, Mass.

Next on Jessica's list was to customize an existing peninsula-style divider that separated the living room from an adjoining area. She installed shelves in the center, and beadboard cabinet doors to enclose what had been an open recess. On the wall alongside the divider, she added open shelves for extra storage and display space. Her final touch was to build a media cabinet for the family's flat-screen TV. It has hinged doors decorated with wood squares that mimic the look of small apothecary drawers, faux knobs made from turquoise beads, and a reclaimed-barn-wood top. The cabinet has become the focal point in what's now a warm and welcoming living room. "Everyone hangs out in here," says Jessica. "We all fight over the choice seats."

Shown: An existing room divider was fitted with beadboard cabinet doors and a group of shelves with baskets to keep sewing supplies and other hobby gear hidden from view.
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