Save This Old House Anaconda, Montana
Photo: Donna Volberding

The History

Published September 2012
Price: $51,900
Location: Anaconda, Montana
Contact: Donna Volberding, 406-560-6746

Once home to a massive copper-smelting facility, Anaconda was booming in the late 19th century, when its wealthier residents started building stylish houses on the town's tony west end. Those residents included grocer Albert MacCallum, who, in 1895, built this solid-brick three-bedroom on Main Street. In 1904, he sold it to Dennis Roach, owner of a prosperous wholesale company that sold pool tables, cigars, and flowers, among other things. After Roach's death in 1925, his widow, Maude, remained here for almost 30 years. Their daughter, Katherine, briefly converted the house into a kindergarten before turning it back into a single-family residence.

Shown: The 1,514-square-foot house is located in a national historic district. It has three bedrooms and two full baths. The front porch was enclosed by a previous owner but could be returned to its original state.
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