cottage garden with pergola of wood poles that supports climbing roses, wisteria over pea-gravel patio edged with boxwood
Photo: Marion Brenner
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3. Paths and Pergolas

Even small landscapes can seem larger when broken into parts, says Moseley, adding variety and purpose to an everyday stroll. Cottage gardens are meant to be used, and walkways connect the pieces, linking one experience to the next. Informal paths work well and can carry through paving themes—gravel from a driveway, say, or flagstone from a patio. Vine-clad overhead structures, typical of this garden style, contribute romance and shelter as they point out special spots. A wisteria arbor might show the way to a hidden bench; a fruiting grape might wrap a pergola above a dining table. Inspired and shaped by the house, these vertical features add architectural richness outside.

Shown: Wood poles form a simple overhead structure that supports climbing roses and wisteria and shades a pea-gravel patio edged with boxwood. White foxgloves peek in around the edges.
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