bungalow house homeowners Erin Donovan and Chris Long with two dogs
Photo: Ray Kachatorian
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Scene Setters

In the end, everything came together remarkably well—even the exit pipes for the second-floor bath. "There was a cove right where we needed it to get the drain line for the toilet," Moeschler says. "It couldn't have gone 1 inch to the left or 3 inches to the right.

"Working on an old house, sure, there are always things that come up," he says, sounding pleased. "But the house kept making it possible."

Put another way, all you have to do is listen.

Shown: After eight months of work, Erin Donovan and Chris Long, photographed at the front door with their dogs, Phoebe and Dashiell, finally moved in. “Each room I walk into,” says Erin, “I think is my favorite.”
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