bungalow house second-floor bath with copper tub, salvaged-tin backsplash
Photo: Ray Kachatorian
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To revive the second floor while maintaining its bungalow flavor, Moeschler opted for blanket insulation and whirly-bird attic fans. Alongside the copper tub and its salvaged-tin backsplash he added a worn pedestal sink, elevated on a marble block to better serve 6-foot-1 Chris. Bringing in a vintage French tub faucet proved unwise: It leaked worse than the one in the kitchen had. "Erin and I thought the house was working with us," Moeschler says, "but it was remarkable what it would not let us do."

Shown: The new tub plays off a salvaged-tin-ceiling backsplash and a vintage ceiling-mount showerhead and wall-mount fittings.

Tub: William Holland
Shower-curtain rod: Sunrise Specialty
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