bungalow house master bedroom with tongue-and-groove ceiling, knee-wall storage
Photo: Ray Kachatorian
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Something to Talk About

Things like these aren't just home improvements; they're conversation pieces. Take the vintage O'Keefe & Merritt stove, which replaced the boring old Viking that was already there. The vintage cooker had belonged to Erin's mother and needed only a complete overhaul. Or the sunroom's faded tile, said to have been reclaimed from old French farmhouses. It has a daisy pattern—"Our daughter's name is Daisy," says Erin—and was tracked down through a Brit living in Burgundy, who shipped it through Belgium and Amsterdam to San Pedro, California, "where U.S. Customs got all funny about it," says Erin, remembering a similar kerfuffle with the British tub.

She nabbed two cast-iron beds closer by, at a place in Malibu colorfully known as Cathouse Antiques.

Shown: The master bedroom, tucked under the dormer, kept its existing tongue-and-groove ceiling while gaining ventilation, knee-wall storage, and a painted iron bed.
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