Photoshop rendering of a ranch exterior remodel
Illustration: Howard Digital
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Redo Makes the House Pop

Gray told us that Julie's description fits many houses from the same era. "They were built inexpensively, so they often lack texture and architectural features, the very things that make a home feel inviting," he says. His modifications—a street-facing gable, a front porch, and a faux cedar- shake roof—give the house more detail and distinction. The gable and eyebrow dormer could be installed when the house is reroofed, he says. To balance the facade, he suggests adding more windows to the gable side of the house and changing the ones on the opposite side. Finally, a yellow-and-white paint scheme offers a cheery look. Julie agrees wholeheartedly. "The color makes my house pop!" she says. "And the new roofline and eyebrow add so much character and curb appeal."
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