1918 craftsman bungalow after remodel living room with original leaded-glass windows, dark-stained floors
Photo: Alex Hayden
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Completely Different Feel

When guests aren't exclaiming over the clever hideaway bed, they are talking up the "unexpected" gray-green of the kitchen cabinets, Monica says, adding that it inspired the rest of the palette.

Everyone—even the friendly next-door neighbors, who years ago raised their own kids in this house—agrees that the new second floor looks from the outside as if it's always been there. The new dormer, after all, doesn't differ all that much from the original; it's just bigger. You have to step inside to really feel the difference. Unlike the house they bought nearly five years ago, "it's light and airy," says Monica. And when you're talking about a Seattle bungalow built in 1918, that's saying something.

Shown: The living room has original leaded-glass windows, a light-enhancing pale color palette, and dark-stained floors.
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