kitchen floor plan after remodel
Floor Plan: Ian Warpole
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Floor Plan: After

Tiny tweaks allowed for a longer island with seating clustered on one side, more landing space near the cooktop, and more natural light where open shelves replaced upper cabinets.

1. Swapped upper cabinets for open shelves, and lowered the windows to bring in more daylight and offer better views.

2. Went kid-friendly along the sink wall with a beverage zone and a dishwasher next to a deep storage drawer for plates.

3. Added a food pantry opposite the desk area to make up for lost cabinet storage.

4. Removed upper cabinets next to the cooktop to showcase a custom wood range-hood cover.

5. Lengthened the island and grouped seating on one side to keep kids and guests out of the cooking fray. Added a larger island sink.
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