master bath with built-in dressers
Photo: Laura Moss

Unloved No Longer

One remodel often builds off another. Tom and Joan Hagan's 1940s Colonial Revival, in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, came with space added by the previous owner, including a room off the master bedroom with closets in the eaves, including one for a washer and dryer. After "hitting our elbows" in the tiny original master bath one too many times, says Joan, they asked designer Tom Santarsiero to convert the bath into a walk-in closet and the unloved room into a master bath with separate behind-closed-doors areas for the toilet and the laundry. As for the look, Joan says, "I wanted something classic and updated but not too ornate."

Shown: Built-in dressers make good use of low-clearance space in the eaves.
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