purple-veined cabbage and chartreuse parsley in a container garden
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Choose a Sunny Spot

Most edibles want lots of light, so choose a sunny spot and well-draining containers that are deep enough for what you grow. Long-rooted tomatoes require pots 24 inches tall, lettuce and peppers only 16-inch ones. Wide pots give plants room to sprawl and might allow you to fit two or three in one container, if you pay attention to their spacing needs. Broccoli, for instance, wants 18 inches of elbow room, lettuce about half as much. So follow instructions for garden spacing when you plant pots. The type of container you choose depends largely on taste and practicality. Terra-cotta can be prettier than plastic, but it's also heavier, a consideration if you plan to place plants on a deck or move them indoors for winter.

Shown: Purple-veined cabbage mixes with chartreuse parsley.

'Gonzales' Cabbage: You can pack a lot of these compact, sweet cabbages into a small space, so they're perfect for containers. 'Gonzales' is an early, medium-green baby cabbage with a round, tight head that can get slightly larger than a softball when mature. Grows up to 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide; requires up to 55 days to mature.
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